A New Axe For Schools: Spur  Logic Not Parroting.

    Unduly not worried by my arrival to this grandiose pluck that had been construed for its performance--yet its bridled ambitions for the tomorrow people is full of slothfulness and stagnation.

For a complete score and some years, the people welcomed this easy and swallow-able system with much ululations without ciphering the bonnet it was germinating to the core audiences in the coming scores. Results?-- We are delayed and in-fact  I had been a victim, feeling the viscosity and the drag of its toll-free philosophy. Had it not that I made some a few acrobatic u-turns to locate my center of gravity on the ground i would have been still swimming in the dark waters.

    I should not be marked with wrong a pen here but for the sake of your neighbor or that laborer who has relinquished the inertia to wade through study and only made pursuits to live in his child. FOR THIS FACET, I SHOULD NOT SEEK OR BARGAIN to obtrude my intuited enterprises to every hawk in the streets--those lambly and with holes in mind.

    Then what is this facet for if its statement appears to be true but the argument within it is deeply invalid? What does that mean? Are our parents laboring in vain and whipping us for nothing if we revoke schools? Are they playing cards with teachers when they load us with hope and not works? Is the Ministry hoarding schools with the notion of providing better and equitable education to its young nation? Are they not scaring their eligible consumers from modding their own tone of music while allowing the mind to be trimmed with that different beat on the board?

    If this case had been baptized to some of us (perhaps like you reading this site), particularly I think we would have borrowed an axe once before going down to transact our own private leadership forever! To paint this image  further (now going through your mind), I should begin first on how I was forced to be conjugated with verbs when at the elementary school. In a short time-span, I had delved into play  and rudeness of the verbs that were at my beck and call and the habit spread into the nerves. I would only wait on the eleventh hours to flip through the leaves of books before downloading what I had read on the examination papers. Luckily i was adroit with my optical wires that had the power of a clicking camera but then that would be the end of everything in class after pelting things on the paper! I would forget almost everything concerning that exam regardless that I was clobbering As on each of the paper.

    Are there not many out there like I was? Preached to get As and not understand the vibration of it? We gave bravo to the Ministry after it stopped the old fogey way of banding out top schools in favour to standardize performance and to kill the mundane notion of students wanting to change or shift schools by their parents' fugitive ideas. Perhaps that effort might have mitigated but it was not an ultimate tool to eradicate the cobwebs in classrooms. Significantly because of some deficit in our chemical composition--it is difficult to eliminate this mediocrity. Then where is the hard immunity if all those to be inoculated with logic are tolling to attaining grades and running after the wind of learning exams and not mastering the techniques scripted in the codes of what study means? Is this labor under mistake if a neglected or poor man's child fails to get the element in the tide and when he is vetted they say to him: "who is your guarantor?" because of this vert corruption and the poor man's apple of the eye is rejected to find his rewarding job!?

    Where will he start from? He did not have the mentor or the role model to guarantee him and almost spent his entire time in school parroting what he read in books. We pledge well with the our vision 2030. But don't we see the danger in it? If the this child is rewarded sour grapes in return, he will have to go back to his protective shell to mine the little that was left if only there will be sufficient grace from God-- unfortunately there will be none left.

    After delivering my logic practices in various schools I often meet young men--my townsmen who startle me that they wished to have found this light while joggling themselves with the vowels in school or perhaps to have inherited something from their fathers--because they did not have anything left and all the hopes that they had faded after they were ruined in school anchoring them to empty words. If it happens that you were in a such environmental situation as me  but managed to scrape through without difficulties then you are a lucky devil! But the rest of us must have been the son of 'so and so'-- this is what create the lasting contagious corruption band that we all turn by its command.

    Perhaps my words in the pages are skewed--do not probe me further or later. I admit to be corrupt in my own sight as everyone else. Those you hate are those I love and the circles goes on like that to infinity. In-fact I had lost my father when still a toddler. I had almost given up the power to rise again and never thought that things will ever change for the best in me. I did not know how much  power was in me until when I came to consider the purpose to live, asking myself many unanswered questions about why I live? To settle the matters that kept me in pain and sorrowful I started to sketch my emotions by releasing them on a piece of paper. This step got me the meaning to live happy within the universe while in form two shaping my first writing called  Errand to the town.

    When growing up to some point we were all occupied by school and gave respect to teachers. I sue this same gifted spirit to remain for the future generations. In regards there is the saying that school is the only factory where good men are made out of boys. This is the true facet of the school phenomenon where logic should be taught as early as as possible to allow different channels of thoughts to grow as the child spurs in knowledge written in books. However how far the parent might have gone or studied the respect still falls  and lands on the teacher!

    To fix the final blow on spurring logic, I will illustrate with two real famous individual. George Boole (1815-1865), though he had only three years of formal schooling but because of his pursuits in logic he is now remembered in the world of mathematics and computing. Boole discovered the logical expressions of and, or and not which are now the widely used to form the algebraic systems explained in his book: An Investigation of the laws of Thought. May be we might have our own Booles to discover ON and OFF for poverty.

    Another one is Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862), born in concord Massachusetts, he encouraged students to make their own observation and not to merely parrot what they read in books. As a teacher Thoreau held his classes outdoor so that the natural world could mix with academics. Thoreau also however wrote once that, "if a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step into the music which he hears that he should mature as soon as an apple tree or an oak."

    To this date, we are still dancing to the different drummer. Schools are not nurturing the palmistry sealed in the hearts of the students. This new awakening thus calls for every individual (teachers and parents or guardians) and schools to incorporate the SWOT analysis in the SPUR technique. Every child comes from a given society and community that he has the mandate to transform through wielding positive affirmations or responses instigated in his/her logic tool box which is perhaps under-seated in the sub-conscious level of the mind.

    As it says in the old book:"drink water from your own cistern and running water from your own well." If this hot portion is not embedded in everyone of us, then we will blur the pledged industrialization vision--constructing empty wishes!